The Company

The STABIL VERBINDUNGSTECHNIK GmbH is your reliable partner when it comes to developing, manufacturing and selling fasteners, hose clamps and formed parts made of metal, plastic and metal-plastic combinations.

Due to years of experience in the area of fasteners, clamps and molded parts we offer a high level of expertise on high-tech products and specific applications for our customers. Our customers appreciate the opportunity to work together closely in every stage of product development. We regard customer orientation and flexibility as essential characteristics of quality when it comes to cooperation with our customers. Consideration of the overall concept is paramount - also in the development of a subcomponent. Upon customer request mere product development would be possible as well. Development and sales are focussed in Germany. Production currently takes place in Germany and Romania, with suppliers in Turkey and China. We conduct regular audits of our long-time suppliers in the framework of supplier development.